I'd love it Fellow could transcribe my needing notes. Overcast had a really good feature where you can snip a part of a podcast. It is useful because you never know if something someone will say is useful until they said it. So it’ll be great to snip the last 60 seconds in a transcript and convert that into context or action item.
I think it will also be useful and probably easier to start with timing when an item has been added. That can give me an indicator that at 20:32 min of the meeting I wrote an action so if I rewatch the recording I can go and watch that part to see why I wrote that point. That is probably a thing fellow can do that will have zero dependency on others.
There’s more but in a nutshell that’s important. I want to tie notes to context and have the ability to jump back in time to gain further context if needed. Easy capture, reusable output
Created by Emily
November 4, 2022