We've updated My Action Items to include new functionality to help you manage and make progress on the action items that come out of your meetings in Fellow.
Organize into Groups
Keep your action items organized and prioritized by customizing your groups on My Action Items, whether that be by top priority, project name or customer name.
Organize by Due Date
Never miss an upcoming action item again by flipping to this view where you can see all your action items by due date.
Prefer to see all your action items in one list? Simply switch to group by none and sort by due date which will surface all your action items with a due date at the top.
Organize by Stream
Get a handle on which items you have outstanding prior to your next meetings by grouping your action items by stream.
Project Management Integrations
If from a note you sync an action item to your project management platform, whether that be Asana, Monday, Clickup or Trello, the indication that it has synced and its status will now show on My Action Items.
Tags, Links and @ Mention
When creating an action item from My Action Items you can now add a tag, use a link or @ mention a user from this modal.
Stay tuned as even more changes to My Action Items will be coming soon!